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A fresh face in the Louisiana Senate, Senator Patrick McMath is already making an impact across the state and in the communities of Senate District 11. Currently serving as Chairman of the Senate Committee on Health and Welfare, as well as serving on Judiciary B, and Transportation, Highways and Public Works. McMath is leading the charge in addressing infrastructure needs throughout Louisiana.


From fixing highways, roads, and bridges to improving ports, levee districts, and water conservation districts, McMath is dedicated to ensuring that the state's transportation systems are repaired and revitalized for communities across the state.


In addition to his role as Chairman, McMath serves on the Revenue and Fiscal Affairs Committee, the Health and Welfare Committee, the Judiciary B Committee, and the Water Sector Commission. With a focus on crucial areas such as infrastructure improvements, public safety, and championing continued state investment in community service organizations, Senator McMath is committed to positively impacting District 11 through his work in the Louisiana Senate.


McMath is not only dedicated to his work in the Senate but also to serving his community. He volunteers on the boards of several organizations, including the West Saint Tammany Chamber of Commerce, the Boys and Girls Club of Covington, and the Kelly Gibson Foundation. He is committed to leaving a stronger Louisiana for future generations.


A graduate of Louisiana State University, McMath earned his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and a Juris Doctorate from Loyola University New Orleans College of Law. Before entering politics, he served as an assistant district attorney in Louisiana's 22nd Judicial District Court.


Outside of his political and professional pursuits, McMath finds his greatest joy in his family life. He is proud to call himself a husband to his wife Jayne and a father to his four children, Mary Michael, Margaux, George, and Mae.

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